Trusts are an excellent estate planning tool, especially useful in certain situations. High net worth estates are often worked into a Trust to make sure that extensive property and asset holdings are protected and kept out of Probate. A Trust also is used to care for loved ones who need special attention for various reasons. At the Law Office of Gary W. Powell, San Diego, CA, you can learn all about Trusts and if this is an estate planning tool that you should take advantage of to protect your family.

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Clients turn to the Law Office of Gary W. Powell for help with many family matters, including Estate Planning, Probate and Trust matters. Gary is a compassionate attorney, with a special interest in helping people manage their estates and protecting their families from future problems. If you die or are ever temporarily or permanently incapacitated, estate planning will help with your care and that of your estate holdings. These areas of law practice are of special interest to Gary, and he enjoys helping people get there estates organized and protected.

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Honesty, compassion and conscientious legal representation are what clients get when they call upon Attorney Gary Powell for legal assistance. He is committed to helping clients from San Diego County create legal documents that protect their estate and will withstand challenges.

Avoiding Probate is one of the most common reasons people develop Estate Planning documents. Without a Will or Trust in place, if you die or are unable to handle your estate management, a Probate Judge will appoint a stranger to do that job. You can maintain control over your assets and property with properly executed Estate Planning documents.

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To discuss Trusts and how they can benefit your family, contact San Diego Trusts Attorney Gary W. Powell today. He is the one who will answer the phone at the Law Office of Gary W. Powell when you need legal representation or advice. Gary has been active in the San Diego community, helping people with their legal matters since 1975. His vast experience with Family Law gives him added insight into family dynamics and how to help you create estate plans that serve your family’s best interests.

Get peace of mind by creating the Trusts, Wills and other Estate Planning documents your family needs. For your first consultation with Attorney Gary Powell, contact his law office today, at (619) 685-6975.