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Estate Planning, Probate and Trust matters are the primary concerns clients bring to the Law Office of Gary W. Powell for resolution. Gary has practiced law in San Diego, CA, since 1975, helping hundreds of clients deal with important family related legal issues.

Law Office of Gary W. Powell

Attorney Gary Powell is a respected member of the San Diego legal community, actively participating in the area to improve legal services and helping people manage family matters that require legal representation and advice.

Since 1975, the Law Office of Gary W. Powell has welcomed San Diego County clients who needed his help to create estate plans or work through Probate matters. His broad background in Family Law enhances his ability to help clients with Estate Planning, Probate and Trust issues.

Attorney Gary Powell

The primary areas of law practice Attorney Gary Powell provides clients with today are:

  • Estate Planning – helping you decide what your plan should include and how your property should be distributed
  • Probate – we have the experience and knowledge to help you get through Probate
  • Trust Matters – interpretation, creation and administration of Trusts

People need experienced legal representation when they want to create valid legal documents like a Will or Trust, and when they have to manage the estate of a loved one or friend. Attorney Gary Powell is committed to helping his clients get past stressful and emotional times by being the level-headed team member they can trust.

Gary offers more than his experience in family matters and extensive legal knowledge about estate planning and Probate; he is there also as a friendly lawyer-for-life. He is the one who answers the phone when clients call, and he is the one who has the personalized answers they need for their legal concerns.

San Diego Attorney

As an experienced and conscientious San Diego Attorney, Gary Powell provides clients with the honest legal services and fair treatment he would want, if he were the client. He understands family dynamics and knows how difficult managing the estate of a deceased loved one can be. Clients who want to avoid family squabbles and difficulties if they are incapacitated or after they die are wise to set in place strong estate plans now, before the need arises. Others, who are caught up in Probate matters, seek Gary’s legal advice to get through an often confusing time dealing with estate administration.

Learn more about Estate Planning, Probate and Trust matters when you consult with Attorney Gary Powell. Contact the Law Office of Gary W. Powell for your first appointment. Call us now, at (619) 685-6975.