Sometimes, people discover they are faced with going into Probate Court over an estate dispute, or when a loved one died without a Will or Trust, to direct management and distribution of their estate. Probate can be a big problem for you as an administrator or for your heirs. For honest legal representation and advice, contact the Law Office of Gary W. Powell, a San Diego Probate Lawyer, when there are concerns about Probate issues.

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You work hard at building your estate, no matter what size it is, and you deserve to protect your assets and property for yourself and your family. Going into Probate because your documents are missing or flawed is not an option you want to face. Why let a Probate Judge determine your estate distribution or appoint strangers to manage your estate? To construct valid and strong estate planning documents that will withstand challenges and avoid Probate, visit the Law Office of Gary W. Powell today.

Attorney Gary Powell

Fairness, honesty and conscientious representation are the goals set by Attorney Gary Powell for every case he accepts. Gary is committed to helping people in San Diego County; he has been actively helping people since 1975, when he opened the Law Office of Gary W. Powell, in San Diego, CA. Gary has helped numerous people who were appointed by a Probate Judge to administer an estate get through that confusing and difficult process. He works closely with his own clients to create estate plans that avoid Probate matters and smooth the way for family to receive their inheritance unhindered by Probate.

San Diego Probate Lawyer

Probate is generally a difficult time for many people, as they try to understand the complex rules of administering the estate of a loved one or friend, on top of their grief over their loss. With a knowledgeable and compassionate San Diego Probate Lawyer by your side to help you navigate Probate matters, you can successfully do the job you have been appointed to perform.

Probate may be a strange process for you to endure, but with the extensive skill and experience Attorney Gary W. Powell has in this area of law on your side, you can emerge with confidence after a job well done. Contact the Law Office of Gary W. Powell, San Diego, CA, today to learn more about Probate, your responsibilities under the law and your expected duties. Call now, at (619) 685-6975.