Gary W. Powell

Fairness and a commitment to providing his clients with honest, conscientious representation are the qualities that drive Attorney Gary Powell to excel in his legal career. He has practiced law in the San Diego area since 1975, focusing on Estate Planning, Probate, Trust and Family Law. These areas of law are uniquely related, giving Gary a solid background for helping clients deal with important family issues.

Law Office of Gary W. Powell

Today, clients in San Diego County visit the Law Office of Gary W. Powell to develop personal Estate Planning, and to deal with family Probate and Trust matters. His broad legal experience in the areas of family law and estate planning give him unique insight for dealing with family dynamics and issues that come up that involve families. He understands these matters are not especially easy to work out, and are often filled with emotion, times when his level-headed approach is most important to his clients.

Attorney Gary Powell

Working to resolve legal matters fairly is a goal common to clients and to Attorney Gary Powell. His calm and honest approach to the practice of law allows Gary to be the legal friend clients need and trust. He works closely with clients, giving them the same fair and respectful treatment he would want to receive. Together, he and his clients develop legal documents and strategies that protect and help families remain strong over time. When his legal assistance is required, clients know that he is the one who will answer their questions and their phone calls.

San Diego Attorney

When people visit the law office of San Diego Attorney Gary Powell, they come with diverse needs that involve important family issues. Estate Planning is a major concern of many people, especially those with high net worth. Everyone should have plans to protect and preserve the assets and property they have worked so hard to get. Creating a simple Will or Trust is an excellent way to give some security to your family in case you are incapacitated or after you die. Many families face a confusing time struggling with Probate if these minimal estate plans are not in place when needed, but Gary can help manage this issue also.

Visit the Law Office of Gary W. Powell, San Diego, CA, to discuss your need for Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts that benefit your family. Call Gary now, at (619) 685-6975, for honest, conscientious legal representation you can trust.