Estate Planning

Estate Planning often requires more than just creation of a simple Will. For some people, a Will is enough to protect their assets and property for heirs. For others, including those with high net worth, more complex planning documents like a Trust should be created. In either case, it is wise to seek legal advice and representation from the Law Office of Gary W. Powell, a San Diego Estate Planning Attorney.

Law Office of Gary W. Powell

Since 1975, Attorney Gary Powell has helped people protect and preserve their property and assets that they worked so long to build. Clients from San Diego County visit the Law Office of Gary W. Powell with various needs, as Gary helps them decide what their estate plans should include and how to distribute their property. Estate Planning also protects your best interests, in the event you become incapacitated and are no longer able to manage your estate holdings.

Most people want their estate to pass along to immediate family heirs, but if they die without a will or trust, their estate will move into Probate. A Probate Judge will then appoint someone to administer and distribute the estate, but that someone would have no knowledge of your wishes. The heirs you wanted to inherit your estate may receive nothing, and that could be a family tragedy.

Attorney Gary Powell

Clients like working with Attorney Gary Powell, because he treats people the way he wants to be treated, with respect and honesty. He is the person that answers the law office phone, and he is available to clients anytime they need his legal advice. He enjoys working closely with clients to draft their estate planning documents, paying meticulous attention to every detail. He is respected by his peers for his legal knowledge and strong commitment to serving members of the community.

San Diego Estate Planning Attorney

As a San Diego Estate Planning Attorney, Gary Powell is a firm believer in planning ahead. He knows that without estate planning documents in place, your control over your assets and property is in jeopardy when you are incapacitated or die. With Estate Plans, Wills, Trusts and other valid documents in place, your assets and property are protected. You can set up plans for business succession, asset distribution to heirs of your choice and direct the disposition and management of your estate through Estate Planning.

Get the legal representation you need to protect your best interests today, by contacting the Law Office of Gary W. Powell, San Diego, CA, to discuss your estate planning needs. Call Gary now, at (619) 685-6975.